POL Paint Brushes produces high quality professional brushes made in Italy and sells accessories and parts for construction painting applications. Active on both the domestic and international markets, it has expanded its production activity, creating lines of brushes for other sectors such as the footwear and the nautical industries.

70 years of know-how gained through experience and training has made POL Paint Brushes a leader in a market where craftsmanship, innovation and research have become a single factor in reliability.

The company still carries out certain production phases completely manually in order to guarantee only the highest quality and excellent workmanship of its products.
At the same time, it is capable of producing up to 12 000 brushes a day through various phases of mechanized production.
Finally, Pol Paint Brushes specializes in the production of paintbrush parts for the manufacture of brushes including glues, shims, listels and shrink-wrap films. Products sold to competition through its own corporate brand “Veneta Trade” are a confirmation and guarantee of its qualitative importance.

High quality materials and craftsmanship provided through large-scale service are therefore essential elements in Pennellificio POL’s production, making our customers and their needs our number one priority.

Our Customer Service Office is dedicated to national and international customer relations, and manages and processes daily requests that are communicated directly to the production department, guaranteeing fast and effective service.